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Prodyut Mukherjee’s RHYTHMEXPRESS- A Fusion Magic

Maestro Pandit Prodyut Mukherjee’s RHYTHMEXPRESS has created sensation having won the prestigious GLOBAL INDIA MUSIC AWARDS (GIMA) 2016 for its album MOODS in collaboration with the legendary maestro Padmashree Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

Tabla Maestro Pt. Prodyut Mukherjee’s latest project, RHYTHMEXPRESS, encompasses a vast spectrum of musical genres ranging from traditional Hindustani classical to South Indian classical notes and extending beyond the boundaries of India, RHYTHMEXPRESS also is global in its musical influences adapting African, Latin American, Jazz & Blues and traditional Western classical notes. Prodyut, during his travels across the globe has been influenced by the beauty and rhythmic styles and has in turn incorporated the same in the musical styles of RHYTHMEXPRESS.

Prodyut is one of the most brilliant composers amongst the present generation of Indian musicians. RHYTHMEXPRS is Prodyut Mukherjee’s contribution towards a new form of fusion with depth and soul. Some of the famed compositions of RHYTHMEXPRS are Journey, Indian Blues, Divine Romance, Express and more. RHYTHMEXPRESS has earned accolades from its audiences across the country in its performances on stage.

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Prodyut Mukherjee’s RHYTHMEXPRESS - Stage and Sound Rider

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Rhythmexpress Fusion concert.

Rhythmexpress Fusion concert.

World Instrumental Music Fusion with Chinease National Orchestra and Subhendraji in Beijing, Sponsored by Govt. of China.

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